Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm 7 months old!

Today I turn 7 months old!
In the last month, I have learned one life-changing thing: SITTING! I can sit all by myself and it. is. awesome! Mommy especially loves it because it means I can hang out on my own for longer periods of time. She just sits me down, puts a bunch of interesting objects within reach and I'm set to go. I want to crawl really, really badly, so I've been leaning forward to practice... and always fall on my face. Literally. I can almost push up to my hands and knees though, so perhaps I'm getting there.

Mommy pulled out the walker this month because while I do enjoy sitting, I LOVE to stand. I haven't figured out how to move around in my desired direction yet, but the buttons on the walker are entertaining enough for now.

I'm still taking naps on Mommy in the new woven wrap she got for Christmas (thanks Grandpa and Grams!), but she's been talking about working on getting me to nap in my crib soon... yeah, we'll see about that Mom!

I've been teething for the last few weeks and my teeth are FINALLY about to break through! It's been pretty painful and I'm looking forward to being done with it. Oh wait, you mean I have 18 more teeth after I get these bottom two? Hmmm. Mommy neglected to mention that to me. Bummer.

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