This is my first son, Johnny.
If you've been here for more than two seconds, you've probably seen a picture of him already because I take lots of pictures of him. Everyone says that he looks just like his daddy, but with my coloring. I tend to agree.

He was born on December 13th, 2009 and you can read his birth story here.

He's a funny little boy, in a balls-to-the-wall-he-never-stops-moving kind of way. I won't put a whole bunch about him on this page, I'll just let you pick and choose which stories you want to read below. These are some of my favorites about him:
He is my husband's child.
He has excellent baby giggles.
He likes to laugh!
He has an adorable baby butt.
He's mechanically inclined.
He has words.
He lacks separation anxiety.
He loves cars.
He's not a fan of pants.