Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boys + Running = Presh

It was a relatively typical night. John got home at a normal time, I was scrambling to put dinner together, Hank was clinging to my leg and screaming his head off because I wouldn't pay attention to him right. that. second. and Johnny was upstairs putting his letters in order. Normal.

But then it was suddenly... abnormal.

John and I sat down to our meal and the boys actually sat down with us and ate their meals. No whining and crying about not wanting to eat dinner. No rejection of the food on their plates in favor of PB&J (that's just Johnny, Hank is not a picky eater, that's for sure). Just sheer hunger and enjoyment of their parents' company while we had a toddler-esque conversation about the day.

And then this happened directly after:
Head explosion cute, right? All I could think about while watching it happen- no, wait, my brain had fizzled out because of the CUTENESS that was happening in front of me and no thinking was going on during the performance. But later, once all of my synapses were firing again, I was thinking about a conversation I had eavesdropped on between two moms at the grocery store. I had Johnny in the shopping cart and they were behind me talking about how they really wished they had boys because boys are so much QUIETER than girls.

Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha.


The video above is a pretty accurate example of the volume in my house at any given moment. Which I love and embrace because really? Laughing, talking and squealing kids are what makes my world go 'round.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The uncles should be stoked.

I apologize in advance for how choppy and awful this video is in terms of cinematography and editing. I got a new computer recently (and it's INCREDIBLE), but I'm still learning the ropes. iMovie keeps crashing and I haven't figured out why in the last 15 minutes, so I'm just going to post the video in all of its long, unedited glory. Eventually I'll clip it down like normal and add my usual titles and such. Maybe. If I ever get around to it. Which probably means never.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hank's 15 month Check Up

Hank's 15 month doctor's visit was pretty routine.

Weight? Good.
Height? Good.
Head circumference? Good.

Okay, everything looks awesome. Let's ruin this appointment and give him FOUR shots! Wheeeee!!! He's so strong that me AND the nurse were straining to keep his legs still so she could give him the shots. It's certainly not a lot of fun restraining your uber strong, kicking, screaming toddler.

But I digress. His stats were as follows:
Weight: 26 lbs 12 oz - 78th percentile
Height: 33 inches - 98th percentile (EVERY time the nurse does the height she says, "So I guess Daddy is pretty tall, huh?" Every. Time.)

Otherwise, Hank is pretty awesome. Nothing new to report here.