Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Summer pool picture dump

I took a bazillion pictures of the boys swimming this summer. Probably because they were in the pool everyday and they are ridiculously adorable when they're swimming around. But now I'm realizing that I haven't shared very many on the blog. Therefore, I'm going to share ALL THE POOL PICTURES. In no particular order.

Fearless in floaties

Fearless without floaties. Or a swimsuit.

More naked jumps to Uncle Dylan!

Uncle Dylan showing off.

Monday, October 21, 2013

End of Summer Hoedown

About a month ago (actually, it was more than a month ago... and I'm JUST getting around to downloading pictures), John's parents invited us to come over to their community for the End of Summer Hoedown. It was an event mainly for families with children and advertised a bounce house, pony rides, petting zoo, country music, dancing and bar-be-que. Now, being a good Texas girl, OF COURSE I wanted to go (El Paso is totally part of Texas). That, and it sounded like fun for the boys. Pony rides? Uh, yeah!

We got there a little early, so we had to play on the really cool play structure that was down the street a little ways.

"Cheese" face

Too busy climbing to give me a smile.

Concentrating while climbing up the fire pole

Daddy, helping the boys through tires, up poles and down slides.
 And then the rest of the evening was just as fun as advertised. Minus the ponies because neither boy was interested in taking the wild beast for a stroll. By "wild beast" I mean "completely sedate gentle creature". The food was a hit (they had a buffet for adults and another for kids... but the adults of our group didn't realize there was an adult one until we had stocked up on mac and cheese and tater tots), the bounce house was a blast, and the petting zoo/farm was a delight for both kids.
Heading to the hoedown

Hank petting a chicken

Me and Hank petting a bunny. "It's so soft!"

Johnny petting a chicken

It's so much easier to get shots like this of Hank than Johnny because Hank doesn't seem to move as quickly. That, and he's usually closer to me than Johnny. Who had already sprinted across a large field when I started taking these shots.

Thanks for the fun time, Grandpa and Grandma Durso!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Young minds

I am endlessly fascinated by the way my little boys' minds work. They are like sponges, picking up anything and everything and bringing it into their worlds in their own ways.

They both tend to latch on to certain subjects and obsess about them for awhile. Letters. Numbers. Planets. Trains. Etc. Right now, the newest obsession is gas. As in gasoline. Not that they aren't into passing gas, because they're boys and farts will ALWAYS be funny, they are just more excited about fuel.

It started when we had a streak of days in a row where we stayed at home and I got a little cabin fever. So I asked the boys if we could go for a ride to get some gas. Surprisingly, they were both excited by the prospect. We went to the gas station, they got out and helped me pump gas by opening the gas tank, inserting the nozzle, and pressing buttons. I showed them the diesel nozzle versus the unleaded nozzle and said that our car uses unleaded gas.

Pumping gas never looked so cool.
He needed all of his lovies to make it through the car wash. It was a little scary for him.
Johnny, on the other hand LOVES the car wash.
Since then, they have wanted to fill our car with gas everyday. To which I have to explain that since we don't really use our car that much, our tank is still full. So, I decided to make our own little gas station so they fill their own cars as much as they wanted. And it's seriously adorable.
They are so into gasoline, in fact, that they will point out cars in parking lots and say, "It's a red car! It probably takes unleaded." Once, we came across this really large pickup truck and Johnny postulated it probably takes diesel. Since the owner was sitting in the car playing with her phone, I told him he should ask her. So he did. After a little coaching, of course.

"Excuse me. Does your truck take diesel?"

To say the owner was surprised is an understatement.

Oh, and Johnny was wrong. The pickup ran on unleaded. In case you were wondering.