Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Early in the morning/Risin' to the street

Days around here? They're long. Really long. Hank has been getting up at 4am and Johnny has been refusing to go to bed until 9pm. Plus I've been up all night with Hank ever since our trip to NM... but he's also teething AND sick, so all that together = an uncomfortable and therefore, pissed, baby. Both boys are sleep deprived and way touchier than normal, plus my patience is about the length of an eyelash at this point.

To be completely honest, it's been pretty miserable around here with everyone sick and refusing to sleep. However, in an attempt to look at the bright side through my weary bloodshot eyes, we do get an awful lot of family time now. What used to be the ungodly hour of 5am has now turned into a kind of nice family get-together.

Photo evidence:

This sharing-of-the-cereal happened for the first time this morning and may not happen again considering the amount of milk that ended up on John's pants... but at least I got some pictures of it.

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