Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Christmas Celebration

2011's Christmas was spent in Albuquerque, NM, with my dad and stepmom... coincidentally named John and Gayle, just like my in-laws... John and Gail. Random, right? I was really excited to go because it had been four years since I visited my dad's house and they had done so many new things to it, plus it was going to be cold!!! A cold Christmas! And maybe even a white one!

I wasn't disappointed. It actually snowed the morning we arrived. Or so the weather app on my iPhone said, because when we arrived it was sunny and crisp outside. Desert weather is weird for sure.

The whole four-day, five-night stay was filled with delicious food, even better wine, phenomenal fudge (I know it classifies as food, but I though it deserved it's own shout out considering I consumed about a pound of it) and delightful Christmas ambiance. Since I took so many pictures, I figured I'd just let them do the talking instead of boring you with text.

Thanks again for your hospitality, Dad and Gayle!
Johnny running around the airport without any pants. It's a good story. I'll tell it later.

Johnny and Uncle Dylan

Grandpa and Hank

Dinner on Christmas Eve

Johnny exploring the Christmas tree

Hank entranced by his new toy.

Johnny entranced by Hank's new toy

Dad carving the bird

Boy pile!!

Playing at a local park

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