Friday, January 6, 2012

Airport - pants = Johnny

On our trip to Albuquerque, I was terrified of being THAT parent with two screaming babies. I think most parents don't want to be that parent, right? I knew Hank would be easy since I could just nurse him on take off and landing and he'd be set.

Johnny though... how was I going to keep his little ears from hurting?

The answer? Juice. Lots and lots of juice.

However, lots and lots of juice leads to lots and lots of pee. So much pee that one diaper can't handle it all. Which is how we ended up with a two-year-old soaked in pee when we landed in Albuquerque. We decided that John would take the diaper bag and Johnny off the plane to get him changed while Dylan and I handled the other bags, Hank and the car seat. Did I mention that Dylan is the only reason the airplane trips went so smoothly? My brother saved us quite a bit of stress, that's for sure.

Anyway. Dylan, Hank and I lug all of our stuff of the plane after everyone else has left and go to wait in front of the nearest bathroom where we assumed John and Johnny would be.

Two minutes later a half-naked Johnny runs out the door, takes one look at me, and takes off in the other direction laughing hysterically. This is were you could spot the non-parents from the parents. The parents in the traveling crowd just laughed as Johnny ran by, while the non-parents were shocked and horrified. I guess when you're not used to seeing a little boy's genitals, it could be shocking.

John runs out eventually and then goes after Johnny to try and coax him into a diaper and pants. He was only successful in wrangling Johnny into a diaper.
Pantsless in the ABQ airport

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