Friday, January 13, 2012

25 months!

I'm 25 months today!
I know, I know, it's kind of hard to beat 2 years old as far as milestones go, but in an attempt to keep a record of my life, I decided to keep up my monthly posts... for now.

The picture I posted is one of my new "tricks". I'll say "eyes close!" and close my eyes like in the picture. Then I'll say "eyes op-EN!" and open my eyes. Mommy always laughs when I close my eyes, so I like to do it a lot.

I'm stringing words together into longer and longer sentences. My longest sentence thus far is, "Read Aunt Nea book 'GAIN!" I know that the word is A-gain, not, just "gain" but that extra syllable requires more time than I'm willing to devote to talking.

I'm still in love with books and my current favorites are Pajama Time from my Aunt Nea (Mommy's best friend) and Ten Tiny Babies from Uncle Glen and Aunt Margie. I have both of these books pretty well memorized since I have Mommy and Daddy read them over and over and over.

The bath has also become part of my bedtime routine again after having a bout of terror over the drain. It required Mommy to get some foam letters and numbers for the bath in order for me to agree to get in there again. Now I'm mostly content to sit in the bath for twenty minutes at a time playing with the numbers and letters and washing them while I get washed. I'm obsessed with numbers and now know my numbers from 0 to 29. I can recognize them, but I'm still not into counting. I also know the ABC song, though I add an extra little "shoop-shoo-waa" which I learned from watching Sesame Street. Yep, I impress pretty much everyone I meet with my knowledge of the alphabet and numbers, because, let's face it, I'm rather impressive.

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  1. pajama time! awesome. did you know there is an actual song that accompanies it? it's on a sandra boynton music cd. i just discovered this a few days ago.

    sorry to hear about the sleep woes. sending sympathy!