Monday, August 8, 2011

The Daytime Sleep Situation

The nighttime sleep situation is still about the same as it was when I blogged about it last week. Except that now I put Hank down at the same time John is putting Johnny down... and I put Hank down drowsy, but awake. See, when the pediatrician told me to do this with Johnny, I looked at her like she was crazy. Johnny would never put himself to sleep even when drowsy. And if he fell asleep on the boob, I wasn't about to wake him up again. "ARE YOU MAD WOMAN?!?!" I wanted to ask, but I merely smiled and nodded. This time? I'm doing it and Hank actually falls asleep by himself in his crib around 7:30PM and stays there until midnight-ish. Yeah, it's awesome.

Daytime, though? It's a pickle. Hank's a snuggler, there's no denying that, so his favorite place to sleep is next to me. Therefore, I've been packing him up in the ring sling and letting sleep there. He actually has some nicely formed naps; one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening, like the books say babies should sleep. The only issue is that he won't go anywhere else. The swing? For a ten minutes, tops, and that's after crying for a good fifteen minutes (usually when I'm putting Johnny down for a nap or doing something else Johnny-related... I'm not having Hank cry it out at 7 weeks old). The bed/crib? He'll sleep there for a little while in the morning.

For now, this arrangement doesn't bother me for a few reasons.
1- He's still pretty light.
2- He's still a newborn and trying to get through the "fourth trimester" as coined by Dr. Karp.
3- It means that Johnny and I can go places without being tied to the house by Hank's sleeping schedule. I can't even imagine how pissed Johnny would be if we had to stay inside all morning while Hank was napping? Melt down doesn't even cover the degree of tantrum that would be going on.

And really? As a second-time parent I know that any bad habits I start now can most likely be broken later so I shouldn't sweat it.

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