Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was looking through the pictures I have of Hank (the number of which is pitifully small compared to the number of Johnny I had taken by the same age) and I found this picture:
Which looks an awful lot like this picture:
Yes? Except that the second picture is of Johnny at about the same age as the one of Hank. 7 weeks-ish.

Some friends of ours that met Hank this past weekend proclaimed, "He looks EXACTLY like Johnny! It's like a replay!" Which prompted me to go back and look at pictures and videos of Johnny at this age and well, the evidence is above. They are definitely brothers. Looking back at all of the documentation of Johnny was a little weird because I barely remember him being that small and uncoordinated. It blows my mind that he was ever as helpless and tiny as Hank is now... so much happens in the first year and a half, it's hard to keep track of it all and commit everything to memory. Thank goodness for technology! If only I had been as good about blogging back then as I am now... but I suppose that's why Johnny has two almost completely filled-out baby books and Hank doesn't. Oh well!

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