Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheating with the fork

I apologize for all of the videos lately, but I have this bad habit of taking lots of video and then leaving it on the camera. I don't know why I never get around to downloading video to my computer. It's not like it's hard, I just never do it. For some reason I can download pictures like a madwoman, but video? Forget it.


For the most part, Johnny still picks up food with his hands when he's eating. Yes, I know I should be pushing eating utensils, but I don't care. I let him use a fork when he's interested in one and I don't push it when he's not. Honestly, it's WAY less clean up for me if I just let him use his hands. Hands generally don't become accidental food catapults... generally. That being said, this particular day Johnny wanted to use MY fork. Not his little fork, my large adult fork. So I let him try it.

His use of eating utensils a bit unconventional and kind of defeats the purpose of using said utensil, but at least it's cute.

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