Friday, August 19, 2011

Hank's 2 month doctor visit

Hank visited the doctor on Wednesday and did quite well, despite the FIVE (count 'em: FIVE) shots and one oral vaccination he got. He was pretty pissed about being pricked so many times, but after nursing for a short while, I swaddled him and stuck him in the ring sling where he promptly passed out. Passed out so hard, in fact, that he actually STAYED asleep in the car seat. Poor guy. He must have been pretty traumatized. That's why babies have such short memories though. Thank goodness.

So here are the stats:
Height: 25" - 97%
Weight: 13lbs 5oz - 86%
Head circumference: 16.2" - 82%

This is all pretty similar to Johnny at the same age, though strangely, Johnny weighed more than Hank even though he started out two pounds less... must have been all those nighttime feedings that Hank feels he doesn't need. The doctor also took a look at the ear that failed the hearing test (Hank's right) and said that it looks like there is fluid behind the ear drum still, so not to fret too much.

All in all, Hank is healthy, happy, and thriving.

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