Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IB's Sandcastle competition

A few weekends ago, Johnny, Hank and I went to the Sandcastle competition in Imperial Beach with my mom, aunt and uncle. The weather was beautiful and the sand creations were pretty unbelievable! When we got there, it was around Johnny's nap time, so he took a nap in the stroller while we walked from our parking spot to the beach (about a mile) and then perused the festival.

We snagged some lunch from a restaurant and then folded up the stroller and put Johnny on my mom's shoulders so that we could walk around the beach and look at all of the sand art. I'm not exactly sure how it all works, since this was my first time going to the competition, but as far as I could figure, there were categories for the sand art and then in each category there were amateur and master teams doing their thing. It was pretty obvious which ones were done by amateurs and which were done by masters. Most were pretty impressive, considering I have issues getting sand to do anything I'd like it to do.

This is the sand creation that won the competition. It was a tribute to the troops and very impressive.
We saw about three-fourths of the projects when the tide started coming in, making the walking area much smaller. There were an awful lot of people there and the decreased walking area made it much more difficult to get around while carrying a stroller and a newborn. By that point Johnny was pretty done with sitting on my mom's shoulders and my uncle was done dealing with the crowd so we headed back to the boardwalk and walked back to the car. It was a really neat event despite the ridiculous amount of people. I think it would be even more fun with kids old enough to enjoy the sand creations.

If you want to see more pictures, check out this website:,0,7437982.story

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