Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hank just wanted to drop in and say "Hi!"

The eyes are still blue!

I was trying to catch him smiling, but instead caught him...I don't know... grimacing?
So now that he's said his hellos, it's time for an update.

Last week Hank had his newborn hearing test. I know, I know, he's hardly a newborn anymore, so why is he getting a hearing test so late? Long story short: birth center could do it, but with our insurance it was easier to get it done with the pediatrician. The first available appointment was in August... and I called in June. Apparently they're pretty busy.

Anyway. This test is supposed to be done while the baby is asleep, so he just chilled in the ring sling while the lady attached the electrodes to his head and put the speakers in his ears. She conducted the test and the good news is he stayed asleep the entire time. The bad news is that his right ear failed the test. His left ear is totally fine, but his right ear didn't respond, which means we'll be back for more testing. The tester said that many things could be the culprit for the lack of a response: too much ear wax, fluid behind the inner ear, etc.

I'm not too worried. I know he can hear because every time he's sleeping somewhere other than me, Johnny will get close to him and yell "HANK!!!!" and he jumps and wakes up. Yeah, I think he'll be fine.

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