Friday, August 5, 2011

2x Bathtime fun

A few nights ago, Johnny and Hank took their first bath together. Please view the pictures below and soak up the cuteness.

Johnny giving Hank a hug

My little boys holding hands. Adorbs.
Hank smiling!
"Okay, Hank, you can stop touching me."
At first Johnny was a little upset that Hank was taking a bath without him. So he tried to get in fully clothed, which is unusual for him considering how much he enjoys being naked these days. After Johnny got in, he kept telling Hank to get up; I think he's confused by Hank's inability to do everything he can. I suppose he's never really interacted with a baby before and, thus, has no clue what they are (well, mostly aren't) capable of doing.

Anyway. The bath was pretty cute with Johnny loving up on Hank for a good five minutes. Then he was over it and was ready for Hank to get out so he could play with the bath toys.


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