Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ode to the second child

Everyone always jokes about how the first child has thousands of pictures and albums devoted to just them, while the second child has fewer pictures and albums and each subsequent child has even fewer than the second. When I was pregnant with Hank, I told myself that I would do my best to keep that from happening.


A couple of weeks ago, Hank rolled over for the first time. And I missed it. Hank was doing some tummy time while I was trying to keep Johnny occupied so he wouldn't keep pulling on Hank's head trying to get him "up". The next thing I know, Hank is lying on his back, watching Johnny and me wrestle. At first I felt a little guilty, especially as I remembered how stoked I was when Johnny finally rolled over. There were facebook posts, videos captured and pictures taken to memorialize the event. For Hank? Nada. Sure, I've tried to catch him rolling on camera, but he just won't do it.

This isn't the only thing he won't do when someone is watching... I swear he crawls when I'm not around. I (I mean, Hank) mentioned this is the 2 months old post and while he's not moving around with his belly raised and hands and knees moving in a coordinated fashion, he seems to be moving. Though I'm not sure how.

Here is the story.

I left Hank doing tummy time naked on his towel in the nursery. He was safely away from any potentially dangerous items, like furniture. As seen here:
I went into Johnny's room to get him up and dressed for the day. While putting on Johnny's shorts, I heard some crying from Hank's room. Not the I'm-sick-of-tummy-time-dammit crying, but the Oh-my-God-something-is-really-wrong-save-me! crying. So I go in there, and this is what I see:
Somehow, he had pushed himself off the towel and crammed his head under the ottoman. He was 8 weeks old when this happened, much too early to be this mobile. I was counting on him not walking until he was AT LEAST 9 months... looks like I'll be needed leashes much sooner than anticipated.

Note: No babies were harmed in the publishing of this blog.

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  1. Wow, crazy. Good lick with that. Seems like he wants to catch up with his big brother very soon. :)