Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flowbee Redemption

Remember that time when my husband tried to cut his hair with a Flowbee? And after that he said he'd sell it on Craig's List? Turns out that not many people are in the market for a Flowbee. Go figure. So, when it came time for Johnny to get his hair cut again, we were faced with a dilemma: shell out another $25 for a hair cut or do it at home. Well, seeing as we aren't interested in getting his hair cut for $25 a pop every time his hair gets shaggy, we decided to try our luck at home. I grabbed some scissors, John grabbed Johnny's head and we got started.

It seems that this cutting hair thing is an awful lot more difficult that the ladies at the salon let on. Using scissors to cut Johnny's hair: FAIL. Using clippers: FAIL (he doesn't like the feeling of them on his skin). So John turns to me and says, "Well, Kelly, we do still have that Flowbee..." I hemmed and hawed a little before finally telling him to hook it up, which he did... giddily. John turned that sucker (ha!) on and I'll be damned if Johnny didn't end up with a decent hair cut. Yeah, it was a little on the bowl-cut side, but hey, at least it was even. So here you are, a little comparison:

Not too shabby, huh? I guess John was right to buy that stupid thing. :)

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