Friday, December 3, 2010


Last week was Thanksgiving and our little family traveled to Grand Junction, Colorado, to spend time with my stepmom's family. Getting there was a bit of a trial, not gonna lie. First we had to drive to LA on Wednesday since our flight left from LAX early Thanksgiving morning. No problem, right? We'll just drive up there during Johnny's nap time, he'll sleep in the car and we'll stay the night at John's sister's house. Easy.

Well, Johnny slept a solid 40 minutes in the car and that was it for the rest of the day. No more naps for Johnny! You might say, "At least that means he'll sleep well at night!" This is not the case with my child. The more sleep-deprived he gets, the harder time he has falling back asleep when he wakes during the night. So, Johnny goes down at 7PM and gets back up at 2AM. I attempted to get him back to sleep until about 2:45AM and almost succeeded... key word: almost. At this point, even John was awake and he suggested we just get up since our alarms were set for 4AM anyway. We got up, got dressed, got some breakfast and headed to the airport. The flight was fine since Johnny did some eating and then passed out across our laps with his blankee for the last half hour.

After our arrival, it was fun, fun, and more fun! The Motzes are really fun people and very easy to be around. Plus, they are SUPER generous, evidenced by my step-cousin who volunteered her house for us to stay at since she and her family were going elsewhere for Thanksgiving. The best part? She has a baby, too, so everything was (pretty much) baby-proofed, there were age-appropriate toys and a crib for Johnny to stay in. Since we got to stay at her house, we got to sleep all night every night because Johnny had his own space to sleep in... he's not a cuddler. Never has been, never will be. Basically, it made the trip that much better since we got to sleep every night.

Thanksgiving itself was filled with delicious foods (except for green Jell-O... ick) and Johnny CHOWED DOWN! I mean, he ate everything we put in front of him: turkey (white and dark), sweet potato, stuffing, cranberries (whole ones out of the sauce), mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and even green Jell-O.*

The rest of the weekend was spent chatting, watching football, eating and enjoying the beautiful weather. Oh, and attending Kelly and Jake's engagement party on Saturday which was very nice. I had a great time catching up with all of my step-relatives, John had a great time shooting guns with all of his step-relatives-in-law, and Johnny enjoyed taking toys and poking the faces of his step-second-cousins. Too cute.

So thank you for hosting us, Motz family! We had an AWESOME time!

Johnny meeting Mickey the dog for the first time.

LOVE this picture! Kaden is all indignant that Johnny keeps taking his car and Johnny's like "What?"

The nice lady at Enstrom's gave Johnny his first sucker.

He wasn't too pleased with it.

Just in case you didn't notice, we have another top tooth! Tooth count is now up to 5. Yay!

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