Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Card Lane

In our little neighborhood there is a street that dubs itself "Christmas Card Lane" during the month of December. Most of the inhabitants put up lights, decorations and large plywood "Christmas cards" in their front yards. It's really fun to walk up and down the street looking at all of the cards people have put up. Some are very obviously from thirty years ago, but others have more modern characters like Harry Potter or Shrek. It's a good way to get into the Christmas spirit when you live in a place like San Diego that lacks any kind of Christmas-y weather.

Last weekend, John and I took Johnny on his first trip down Christmas Card Lane. I'd say it was a complete success! Johnny didn't cry at all and was even marginally interested in the decorations... probably because they were all bright and colorful. I wanted to get a picture of Johnny in front of a Christmas card, but I kept going to the next house and next house looking for the perfect card to take a picture in front of... and we kind of ran out of options, so here is Johnny with the Shrek Christmas card, which is still quite cool despite being our last option on our walk. :)

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