Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holy mother of child-proofing.

I recently [read: two months ago] took all of Johnny's toys upstairs to our "bonus room" with the idea that it would become the play room. Unfortunately this room has been our catch-all room for quite some time and need a little work to be converted to a child friendly place.

First issue: 
TVs and DVD players require cords and the nearest outlet to where the TV is located is behind the bookshelves. Well, if you notice, there is a gap between the TV and the bookcase where the cords lie exposed. I cleverly wedged a basket into this gap, but Johnny is quickly learning to climb over such insignificant obstacles... drat.

Second issue:

The bookshelves themselves. They are stocked with non-child friendly things like my BTSA binder, Shakespeare and old science textbooks. Plus, they are large and definitely able to tip over should Johnny learn to climb... which I think is in the near future.

Third issue:
Random crap. The papa-san chair definitely has to go. I'm not sure where, but it is not a particularly safe place for children to perch. And the bed is taking up all kinds of valuable room that I could use for... more toys. Or something.

So there you have it. Johnny's totally un-child-proofed play room. I'd like to say that posting this makes me feel ashamed enough of the situation to do something about it, but that would require an awful lot of effort... maybe next week.

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