Friday, April 27, 2012

I made the switch to cloth.

I used disposable diapers with Johnny. And it was great. But I had a hard time with the waste (no pun intended) that disposable diapers generated. When Johnny was 8 months old, I even did a "test drive" where I received 15 different cloth diapers to try out to see if I liked any of the styles. In the end I decided that cloth diapering was just too much for me to handle. There's the washing, the drying, the stuffing and the time needed to do all of that. Each type of diaper has different washing instructions. Most diapers are supposed to be line dried and each diaper has a different insert that has to be put in just so. I was already crazy-overwhelmed with motherhood and decided that cloth diapering was not something I needed to tackle.

Then I met Darcy, who cloth diapers her adorable little boy and has since birth and she made the whole thing so much more accessible for me. Talking to her was real and I got immediate answers instead of having to search forever on the Internet only to come up with four different ways of washing your diapers. So, I bought my first diapers on craigslist just to try them out. And I found out that it's actually pretty easy once you get in the groove.

I've been cloth diapering Hank (except at night, we'll work with that soon) for a few months now and I'm loving it. I mean, I don't LOVE having to deal more with his poop on a daily basis, but I love that if I'm running low on diapers, I do a load of laundry instead of buying more at the store and agonizing over the cost difference between Vons and WalMart and WHY COULDN'T I JUST REMEMBER TO BUY DIAPERS WHEN I WAS THERE YESTERDAY?!?! <--- That happened to me a lot with two babies.

Anyway. So yeah. I like cloth diapering. And Hank does, too. I mean, look at this face:
Happiness is a butternut squash colored Fuzzi Bunz diapers
My favorite diapers: BumGenius 4.0 (it's a workhorse and my most reliable diaper) and the Fuzzi Bunz One Size Elite. The Fuzzi Bunz used to leak like crazy, so it wasn't my favorite, but then Darcy helped me fix that by instructing me on how to seal the diaper. Since then? I love them.

If you want to start cloth diapering, or at least try it part time, I recommend going on craigslist and getting four or five used diapers. Wash them in hot water a few times and then try them out. It took me actually DOING it to get over my hang ups and just go for it.

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