Tuesday, April 24, 2012

28 months

I'm 28  months old today now!
Geez, I'm getting old, aren't I? Well, not too much has changed this month. I'm still obsessed with numbers and love to watch number videos on YouTube. Though I'm starting to throw in the occasional alphabet video now, too. I'm talking more and more every day and repeating random things I hear on videos, from people or the radio (like advertisements that say "866-590-CASH!" Mommy thinks that's hilarious). My longest sentence is, "Play Mommy phone while put Hank down nap?" Now that Hank requires some time to be put down in the crib for his nap, Mommy can't play with me for a while, so she gives me her phone to mess with. Then when Hank wakes up I say, "Mommy go get Hank? Johnny turn off Hank noise" (Hank has to sleep with white noise since I'm kind of loud when he's sleeping).

Speaking of naps, I don't take one any more. I'm officially over naps. How do I know this? Well, if I fall asleep at any point in the day (usually in the car) that means that I refuse to go to bed at the usual time. I still wake at the same time in the morning (about 6:30am), but instead of going to bed at 7:30pm, I fall asleep around 9pm on a good night. I think Mommy kind of likes not having to worry about putting me down for a nap when she has to deal with two naps a day for Hank.

I love to watch videos on YouTube and also videos of me or Hank on Mommy's phone. While that may not be new, I'm starting to act them out throughout the day. I particularly like this one video of an 18-month-old who knows his alphabet and shows off his knowledge in the bathtub with his foam letters. I have these same foam letters, so I just reenact the scene as best as I can remember, which is certainly better than Mommy can remember.

Hank being mobile has made me much more possessive of... well... everything. I respond to Hank's desire to touch my stuff by trying to squish him into the carpet or pushing him face first into the floor. I have finally figured out that the best way to keep Hank out of my things is to bring them into my room and close the door. So I spend a lot of time in my room with the door closed. But I like it that way. What? I'm an independent kid.

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