Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hank is 10 months old!

I'm 10 months old... now!
My biggest accomplishment this month is taking all of my naps in the crib and SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Well, Mommy is more excited about that than I am and I can't really understand why. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the hours of 11pm to 1am with me? Sheesh. Anyway. Most nights I sleep from 6:30pm to 5am and then during the day I take at least two naps. Mommy hasn't quite figured out when I want to nap, but she's getting there. My naps are usually 45 minutes, but the occasional longer-than-one-hour-nap has become more frequent, so we're obviously making progress. That, or I'm ready to drop to one nap. I'm certainly getting close to that age!

This month I started walking... kind of. I can walk and will toddle from one thing to another if I'm really motivated, but mostly I'll get to a stand then then squat back down and start crawling to wherever I want to go. I've gotten really fast at crawling, so it's much better than walking at this point.

I have also mastered the pincher grasp and use it daily in my Cheerio binge-eating fests. I love Cheerios. A lot. And since I love them so much, Johnny loves them a lot too. We eat a lot of Cheerios around here. However, we probably spread around as many (if not more) Cheerios than we eat, but that's just a part of the process, right? My meals now are about half purees and half finger foods. Mommy even gives me small pieces of her dinner so I can eat what she, Daddy and Johnny are eating! I'm like a real, live person now!

Foods I love at the moment are cheese (OMG I LOVE CHEESE), crackers, Cheerios (obv), strawberries, cooked broccoli, grapes, sesame sticks, oatmeal and Greek yogurt. Every day after my afternoon nap, Johnny, Mommy and I share some Greek yogurt and I love it! I have learned what the container looks like and Mommy gets one out of the refrigerator without opening it, I have a freak out session to make sure she realizes that she forgot to put the yogurt in my mouth. It works almost every time.

Lastly, my biggest development is I learned the sign for "more". I still use it at random times because I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I can make the sign and have figured out that when I do it, I get more crackers. It's awesome.

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