Monday, April 2, 2012

One hell of a week.

Last week was a doozy here in the Durso household.

First, I came down with pink eye. And then Johnny did, too. And apparently my father in law did as well, or at least something similar.

Second, Johnny came down with a fever of 103 on Tuesday, which ended in me taking him to Urgent Care. But not before I dealt with a rather uninformed nurse on the nurse referral line for Children's Primary Care (our group of doctors). The woman told me to take Johnny's temperature in his armpit HIS ARMPIT because the ear temperature tends to be "off". Great idea. You obviously don't have children, or if you do, they were never sick because jamming a cold piece of metal in your sick toddler's armpit and requiring he stay still for three minutes TOTALLY doesn't happen. She also argued with me about how many wet diapers he had had in one day. Ugh. Long story short = I'm never calling them again. I obviously know more than they do. The positive of going to Urgent Care was the doctor telling me that I don't have pink eye and neither did Johnny. Whoo-hoo!

Third, getting Hank to take naps this week has been AWFUL. He's been running on two 30 minute naps a day, which isn't nearly enough for him. My usual "bucket of smiles" baby has been taken over by a meltdown-prone diva who can't handle being put down for more than three nanoseconds. Exhausting.

Fourth, cabin fever isn't a strong enough word for how chained to the house I felt this week.

Good things did happen this week though. John's uncles came to visit and they are always a lot of fun to be around. We made it to the Safari Park with Aunt Lisa, Jack, Aunt Leslie and Grandma. Granted, it ended in a car trip home with two overtired, screaming children, but the time we spent there was fun. Just getting out and about was worth it! Also, Hank has slept through the night nearly every single night this week! Except for Friday, but that was probably because he managed about 50 minutes of nap time during the day which makes it hard for him to settle at night. I know, I know, we've talked about how little sense this sleep begets sleep thing makes, but it does work. At least with my kids.

Anyway. Here are some pictures I took this week:
Fleeing the scene of his toilet paper mess.

What? There are numbers in here to play with.

Next he'll be walking. No, really. He will be.

One of the reasons Johnny loves Pa: His crazy facial expressions.

Pepe. My other nephew.

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  1. awe, love the pic of pepe :) So fun getting to hang out with you guys this weekend!