Friday, March 30, 2012

Hank's 9 month doctor visit

Two weeks ago (geez, I have quite a backlog, don't I?) Hank had his 9 month doctor appointment and it went very well.

Weight: 21 lbs 10 oz - 69th percentile
Height: 30.8 inches - 99th percentile (!!!)

He's a tall boy, that's for sure. Many strangers think he's already one year old and are shocked to find out that he's actually 3 months shy.

Other than his stats, the doctor asked if Hank likes his orange foods, to which I replied, "Um... yeah. He loves carrots, butternut squash, mango and sweet potatoes... How did you know?" Apparently, when you eat a lot of orange foods, the beta-carotene builds up in your body and turns you a little orange. I guess Hank's eyes looked a bit orange to the doctor and he was diagnosed with "carotenemia", which is harmless. Thank goodness. Because that kid loves his sweet potatoes.

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  1. Hank the tank is taller than Tucker buy an inch. Tucker still had a couple pounds on him :-)