Tuesday, March 13, 2012

27 months!

I'm 27 months old today!
I know my age is starting to sound ridiculous now that I'm up over the 24 month mark, but Mommy insists that I keep updating monthly to keep everyone informed. She runs a tight ship. Okay, not really, but sometimes I like to let her think she does.

Anyway! This month I remained obsessed with anything having to do with numbers. Numbers, numbers, numbers, that all I care about! I'm starting to count on my fingers, but not the way everyone else does. I can count all the way to 15 on my hands by holding up 1 finger on one hand and 5 fingers on the other.  1 and 5 together makes 15! Right? Mommy made me a felt board with numbers on it and I use it to count all the way to 99. I even use the right words now since I learned thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, etc, from all of these great number videos on YouTube.

I don't watch movies anymore because Mommy and Daddy got rid of the TV in the playroom and then turned the TV downstairs completely off, so no more movies for me... or for Mommy and Daddy, actually. However, I watch a little bit of YouTube here and there when I get the itch to zone out.

I'm still incredibly independent and have no issues running around Vons shouting out the aisle numbers while Mommy remains two aisles behind me. However, I have gotten a lot better about listening to my parents when they get that "danger" tone in their voices. Before if they said, "That's dangerous, Johnny, don't go there" would just move faster toward it. Now, I'm starting to believe that they know what they are talking about those crazy parents of mine.

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