Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our current sleep situation

I know that all parents complain about sleep and, most likely, the lack thereof (I'd like to meet the parent that's complaining about too much sleep, though, and give them a good punch to the side of the head). I've been complaining about sleep for awhile now since Hank and Johnny both went haywire after our Christmas trip. However, things are FINALLY looking up!

I spent all of last week doing some sleep training with Hank for naps and nighttime and guess what? Today he took two naps IN HIS CRIB and fell asleep without me having to do anything!!!!!! ::cue inspirational music:: With Johnny, we did cry it out/Ferber and while that did get him sleeping more, it never really worked for his naps. So this time around, I followed the Baby Whisperer almost to a T. The only thing I did differently from the book is wear Hank in a sling for naps, but with another kid to take care of, it was necessary. This week, I worked on weaning Hank from the sling and while it was difficult, I liked this method better than cry it out because I was there with Hank so he never felt abandoned. It made me feel better about the whole process.

So yeah. This was the first week in the last (nearly) 9 months that I didn't wear Hank in a wrap for over three hours per day. Pretty awesome.

In other news, I put the kabosh on television watching for Johnny in an effort to get him to go to bed before 10pm each night. And guess what? It's working! Most nights he's in bed by 7:30 and asleep by 8pm at the latest. This has led to a much happier toddler, not mention happier parents as well! The only thing that is missing now is Johnny's nap, which he still needs, but refuses to take... unless, of course, he's in the car at the perfect time and restrained from any movement or he's being held by Daddy at the grocery store... then he passes clean out:

He fell asleep in the car and I managed to get him into his bed without completely waking up.
Hopefully this means more time for blogging and uploading pictures to my Shuttercal Photo-a-Day project!

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