Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family Date Night

This past weekend, I had a hankering from some sushi. Well, honestly, I just didn't want to cook, so I convinced John that we should all go out for sushi (convince = "Hey John, let's go for sushi." "Great idea, Kelly! Let's go!"). I packed some food for the boys (purees for Hank and some lunchmeat for Johnny) and we hit up the little PQ sushi place down the street.

John and I were stressing about this dinner situation a bit because last time we took the boys out to eat, it was a disaster. I met John at Islands for lunch and we proceeded to not eat any lunch. John chased Johnny around the restaurant over and over again while I tried to keep Hank from gagging on coaster bits that he managed to bite off. It ended with me asking our server to box everything up as wrangled a squirmy and rather upset Hank.

However, we needn't have worried. Yes, Johnny wanted to explore the little restaurant before he sat down, but it was 4:30pm and there were only two other people there, so it wasn't a big deal... except maybe for the two other people who kept giving Johnny the stink eye. So Johnny explored, we got our food and then he hung out at our table for the rest of the dinner! Hank even happily sat in his high chair and consumed purees, then played with my sunglasses so John and I could snarf our cut rolls. Delicious.

Johnny looking suspiciously at an eel roll

Not a fan of eel. Alas, he didn't inherit my tastes.

Johnny holding Daddy's hand VOLUNTARILY!

After sushi, we went out for ice cream. Johnny wanted a milkshake, so we got a small ice cream and a small milkshake, thinking that John and I would eat most of it... nope. Not the case. Johnny killed half of the shake by himself. And has asked for a "MIK-shake?" every day since.

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