Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing with my new lens.

I am currently taking an online photography course (called Photosanity, in case you're interested) from which I'm learning quite a bit. It's geared toward parents, so it's not overwhelmingly time-intensive and Alethea (the teacher/owner/do-it-all point person) is really good about teaching you things to help capture moments on camera in the best possible way. That means worrying more about catching the  moment and having fun instead of stressing about the technicality of your shot. PERFECT for an amateur like me.

Anyway. So I've been taking TONS and TONS of photos with a new lens I got (50mm f/1.4) and while I'm still learning about it, I'm catching some good shots here and there. These are my favorites from the last week:

Again, I'm still learning, which means I'll hopefully get better as time goes on!


  1. Great job! Some good shots.

  2. BEST LENS EVER!!! i went from feeling like I would ALWAYS be a failure at photography feeling like I was a pro!! So much fun! the photos look great!!