Saturday, May 19, 2012

This is what desperation looks like.

Life has been a little... crazy lately. I got the stomach flu a few weeks back and John had to stay home from work for two and a half days to take care of me and the boys. I've been playing catch up since then and am FINALLY getting to the point where the laundry is getting done in a timely fashion and I'm making dinner almost every night again.

While I've been playing catch up, the boys have started trying to kill each other. Well, not so much Hank trying to kill Johnny. It's Johnny trying to injure Hank. It starts out with Johnny giving Hank a hug and ends with Hank prostrate on the floor and Johnny lying on Hank's head. Sometimes it's obvious that there isn't any malice intended, it's just that Johnny doesn't know how strong he is and how Hank gets hurt. Other times it seems that Johnny's intent is to bash Hank's head into the wall. Or wrought-iron fence. Or tile floor. Or toilet.

So, whenever I can find a way that the boys can do their own thing and ignore each other, I pounce on it. And it usually ends up looking like this:
Yes, that's Johnny taking his fourth bath of the day at 1pm. And yes, that's Hank playing in the toilet. I'm desperate to find these 10-minute oases where I can have a glass of water and a granola bar and stop trying to keep the boys away from each other. Even if that means one or both of the boys may end up with hepatitis. Like I said, desperation.

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  1. Yikes. Sorry Kelly. That sounds rough. Hope this period passes quickly!