Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hank is 11 months old!

I'm 11 months old!
Well, I'm a toddler now. It's official. This past month I went from taking a couple of steps to walking full-time. It's really great because I can carry stuff around with me from room to room. Like Johnny's treasured foam numbers. I LOVE picking those up and walking around with them. The biggest problem with walking is that it's an awful lot farther to fall when Johnny pushes me over. Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger and I'm already pretty tough.

I'm really enjoying putting small things in containers and taking them out and then putting them back in. Also? Tupperware with lids? Fascinating. I love to sit down with a bowl and put the top on it and then take it off over and over. The lid just... fits on it. Amazing. 

I'm making all sorts of great noises and have become even better at mimicking. I have my "monster noise" where I growl at you and I like to do this in the car. Or when I hear Daddy blowing his nose in the shower, I'll echo him with my monster noise. Mommy thinks it's hilarious. I say mama and dada and make n, go, ga, and w noises as well. I'm quite the chatterbox! But I have to be in order to keep up with Johnny.

Sleeping hasn't been going too well. I'm usually up at 5am and then I take two 45 minute naps during the day (if Mommy's lucky) and go down for bed around 6:30pm. I REFUSE to go to bed any later than that. For awhile, Mommy tried to push back my bed time, so I just started waking up earlier in the morning. Did you know that she can be pretty angry and mean at 4:30am? Anyway. I used to sleep through the night, but now I wake up about every two and a half hours. Finally, Mommy will give up around 4am and bring me to bed with her, where I reward her with another hour or so of sleep. Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks? I think I've effectively trained Mommy at this sleep thing. I have certainly let her know who's boss!

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