Wednesday, May 23, 2012

29 months!

I'm now 29 months old!
The biggest news in my life is I'm actually starting to recognize words by sight now... which means I'm on my way to reading! I know my numbers (still up to 100) and all of my letters (plus the sounds they make thanks to YouTube) and now I'm remembering which letters go together to make certain words. I've known the word "Vons" for awhile now, I mean, it is my favorite store, so I should know the name of it. Now I know other words like "cow" and "circle" and "Chobani"... Daddy came into my room last week and found the word "Chobani" written out with my big cut-out letters on my floor. What can I say? It's my favorite yogurt.

I'm still not very interested in leaving the house. I'll go to the occasional park and I'll sit outside on the lawn with Mommy and Hank for a little while, but then I'm ready to go back in the house and play with my letters and numbers.

One thing that I've started doing is acting out videos I've seen. Mommy takes lots of videos with her phone (and never shares them here... bad Mommy!) and I like to watch them and then act them out. Mommy thinks it's hilarious. She especially likes it when I fake laugh to imitate her laughing in the video. I'm pretty funny, what can I say?

My food preferences have been shrinking and in flux for quite awhile now, but I still have some basic likes and dislikes.
Likes: blackberries, bagels, Greek yogurt, Havarti cheese (don't even TRY to give me that Cheddar crap), French toast, Cheerios, yogurt pretzels, quesadillas, beef, strawberries, broccoli (occasionally), sweet potato fries, and the occasional banana.
Dislikes: eggs (sometimes), any veggie but broccoli, raspberries, tofu.

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