Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday morning hot tub time

On the weekends, John will typically let me sleep in a little (once Hank allows me to leave him, of course) and he has taken to spending these hours in the hot tub with the boys. And wow, do they LOVE it!
Congregating by the steps.

Tongue out, legs tucked, jumping high for joy!
 These are FRESH pictures. As in, I took them this morning. Just a couple of hours ago. It's like I'm on top of my game or something. :) Actually, no. I just found a few seconds to blog. And I discovered the SD card port in the side of my computer. AWESOME.

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  1. These are a lot of advantages in having a hot tub at home. One of which is that you're able to take a dip whenever you feel like it, and pamper yourself when you're feeling tired or stressed. Anyway, it seems the kids were able to have fun while you did some relaxation on your own. And I hope you have more days like these in the near future. Enjoy!

    Silvia Morris @ Claudette Pools