Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two-Foot Expansion

I'm 11 weeks and two days pregnant, due on November 18th and yes, I'm hoping for a girl. And yes, I have done the math and realize I will have a 3-year-old, a 2-year-old and a newborn.

I have debated whether or not I want to put this news up on the blog, especially since I decided to keep it off Facebook. See, I'm a world-class complainer. And having so many of my friends available at the touch of a fingertip makes it easy for me to complain too much on social media and frankly, I'm tired of being that person. So I'm limiting myself by keeping news of my pregnancy away from places like Instagram and Facebook because if I keep it mum, I sure as hell can't complain about it.

Which is why I debated putting it up here. But then I figured there are only 15 people who still read this thing and they likely already know the big news and don't care if I complain as long as I throw up some pictures every now and then. Am I right??

This first trimester has been quite the trial. Taking care of TWO children, including one that still wakes frequently at night, has made this third pregnancy much harder in some ways. The nausea and fatigue has been worse this time since, you know, having two kids means not being able to eat protein and complex carbs every two hours like I'm supposed to (hell, getting to the grocery store to BUY the protein and complex carbs is hard) and getting a full night's sleep is just not in the cards.

However, in some ways it's easier than my last two. With my first, I was still teaching for the first trimester and then I was alone and completely lonely for the rest of my pregnancy. That was hard in its own way. With my second, I was still caring for an infant in my first tri (which looking back, seems WAY easier than dealing with two toddlers, but he was my first which means it was difficult) and then I was so busy with young Johnny that I had trouble eating enough. At least this time around, Johnny and Hank can entertain each other for ten minutes while I lie down on the couch. They are also into watching 30 minute segments of Sesame Street when I really need to take a break (it's not my favorite thing to fall back on, but it could be worse I suppose). And this time? I've completely given up on cleaning. I mean, having two kids kind of broke me of that silly cleaning habit, but now? I don't even feel guilty about having a dirty house. I just don't have people over. ;)

So here we are. In a little more than six months, we will welcome another little baby into the house. And I can't WAIT to smell that new baby smell again!


  1. Aunt Patty and I are so excited for you guys!!! Can't wait for the new addition to arrive.

  2. hooray! i'm sure it's hard to get excited with the prospect of so much work and sleep deprivation - you should complain all you want! kiddo #3 is blessed. maybe i should offer him/her my congratulations? ;)

  3. oh em geee!congratulations!!!

    you've done an amazing job so far. you can handle it! and i imagine the sweet baby smells help make it all worth it!

    ps YES, i still read your blog. :)