Monday, April 22, 2013

In a good place

Sometimes I get a little crazy. Anyone who knows me even marginally well knows this to be true. I get all moody because I don't get enough sleep or because I haven't eaten a hot meal in months or perhaps because THIS IS THE SIXTH PUDDLE OF PEE I'VE CLEANED UP IN THE LAST TWO HOURS. And too often I let that craziness color the rest of my day.

And that's sad. It's the way I am, cynical and often negative, but I'm trying to kick myself out of it when I get funky.

I have to remember that I have it pretty great right now. I have two rambunctious boys who love to run around together and will even play with the same toys occasionally. They have even been known to build towers together or race cars across the floor. And now, they're even getting the sharing thing a little bit. Enter this heartwarming moment:

Hank is holding a stack of eight LEGO flowers, telling John and me the color of each one. 
Hank: And red and yellow and blue and red and yellow and green and...
Johnny: Give me that Hank!
Hank: No! I want it!
Me: Remember Johnny, ask Hank nicely when you want something he has and maybe he'll share with you.
Johnny: Hank, can I have the flowers, please?
Hank: No!
Me: Okay, Johnny, Hank said no. So would you please wait your-
Hank hands Johnny two flowers.
Me: Oh! Hank gave you some flowers!
Johnny: Thank you, Hank!

Seriously. It was adorable. Hank was sharing with Johnny and Johnny was appreciative. It may seem like such a small thing to you, but to me? It was ground-breaking. We go over and over that dialogue tons of times in a day and to see it finally sinking in and them resolving things nearly on their own? Without violence? Priceless.

One of the best things about the boys being this age is we can go to parks and they can find things to entertain themselves. Johnny will climb the structures and go down all of the slides. Hank spends his time climbing things he shouldn't be able to climb and playing in the sand. Since they're occupied with their own exploration, I can even sit down for five minutes here or there. It's bliss. Pure bliss.

Things aren't perfect, but they're not bad. Which should be my mantra.

And now, a cute picture. Because that was wordy and I know all you care about is the photo. :)
Reading bedtime stories together in Hank's room. Johnny was reading Goodnight Moon to me and Hank. :)

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