Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Anorexia + breastfeeding = major weight loss

I've gotten lots of comments from friends and family about how good I look these days and how I seem to have lost all of my pregnancy weight. Well, I have. But it's because I'm practically anorexic.

Okay, I'm not really anorexic. Promise. I just forget to eat. One of the things about having two kids that I expected was being ridiculously busy. Well, these days I'm so busy that I completely forget to give myself food. The mornings from this past week went like this:

6:30am: Hank wakes up. Breastfeed, dress and carry him into the bathroom.

6:45am: Shower and get dressed.

7am: Johnny's up. Put on some YouTube while I finish putting on deodorant and brush my teeth.

7:15am: Make Johnny's breakfast while the coffee perks and my English muffin toasts.

7:20am: Bring Johnny's breakfast to the playroom. Hang out for awhile playing.

7:30am: Bring Hank downstairs and plop him in the exersaucer while I put away dishes from the dishwasher, get a load of laundry started and clean up the kitchen counter.

7:45am: Remember English muffin in the kitchen. Return to kitchen to get English muffin, but Hank is crying because he's ready for breakfast.

7:50am: Pick up Hank and get his breakfast ready.

7:55am: Return to play room to hang out and read stories with Johnny while I feed Hank in the Bumbo.

8:15am: Wipe Hank up and take Johnny's plate downstairs to load up with more food. Remember English muffins. Get muffin out of toaster and put it on a plate. Johnny calls downstairs for more milk.

8:25am: Johnny's milk has been refilled, the washed laundry has been put into the dryer and I need to put more food on Johnny's plate to take it upstairs.

8:40am: Try to get Johnny into a new diaper and clothes for the day.

8:50am: Still trying.

9am: Success! Johnny is in a new diaper and clean clothes, but I can't find his shoes.

9:15am: Found Johnny's shoes under the bed and put them on his feet. Managed to bribe him into the car with my iPhone.

9:20am: Go back in and get Hank from wherever I left him and grab my (now cold) coffee to bring in the car.

9:30am: On our way to our 9:30am playdate drinking my cold coffee.

10:15am: Wonder why I'm shaking so badly and realize that my English muffin is still on the counter, uneaten.

Rest of day: Repeat for every meal.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a mother of two (even more so than being a mom of one) and I definitely love being smaller than my pre-pregnancy size, but this whole not eating thing? It's unhealthy. And stupid. What a stupid thing to complain about.

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  1. hilarious and true, and i only have the one kid. it's not stupid to complain about being starving! on maternity leave i can remember many a time scarfing an entire day's worth of food at about 11pm.