Thursday, February 16, 2012

26 months

 I'm now 26 months old!

So I missed the actual day that I turned 26 months, but oh well. All the days seems to blur together since I don't sleep very much anymore.

In the last month I have stopped napping, stopped sleeping all night and stopped eating healthy food. This food pyramid pretty much sums up my diet:
 Now I like to spend my days counting and watching Toy Story 1, 2, or 3. I had a Lion King phase in there somewhere, but I got over that after Mommy purchased Toy Story 3. The problem with not sleeping enough is I never feel like going outside and expending energy. Mommy took me to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park this month and instead of running around like a maniac like I usually do, I just wanted to sit in the foliage and throw Blankie and Scout around. Mommy tried pretty hard to get me to run around and expend energy, but I just didn't feel like it. She still tries to get me to play by taking me to parks and the zoo and SeaWorld and stuff, but I usually bring some numbers with me so I can just sit and count them until she gives up trying to get me interested in something else.

I may not be very interested in the zoo or the park, but I am definitely fascinated by numbers! I can count from 1 to 99 if I feel so inclined (though I'm still learning the words forty, fifty, sixty, etc. Instead I just say four-one, four-two, four-three, etc). Grandpa and Grams Mitchell gave me a number puzzle to take home for Christmas and I like to take these numbers with me everywhere: to the store, to bed, downstairs, upstairs, everywhere! It's a good thing Grams insisted that I take them with me because Mommy wanted to leave them in Albuquerque. *phew!*

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  1. that food pyramid is the scariest thing ever. dax is starting to get really picky :-( which means even if i do cook good stuff, he wants a cereal bar instead. woes me. i'm glad that this might be typical and not as a result of not cooking roasted carrots enough.....