Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I guess I need to post something

I know. I've been gone. [insert excuse here]

So Hank is full-on crawling now. Okay, maybe not the kind of crawling you see those adorable babies doing on diaper commercials, but his crazy spastic crawl gets him where he wants to go. Which is always toward Johnny and whatever Johnny is currently playing with. Hank has yet to figure out how to move his hands and knees in sync and instead just randomly throws a hand here, a straight leg there, a knee out the side. It's actually quite adorable. However, this new ability to move means that he's squirmier than ever. This kid was already quite the handful when being held (my Uncle Charlie described it as wrestling with a 25 pound kettlebell), but now he's got motivation to get down. Which makes him fight all the more.

"Let me down so I can play with the stuff Johnny doesn't want me to have, MOM!!!" he seems to say as he arches his back suddenly as he twists away from you in an attempt to make you drop him. It certainly is a workout.

I don't have any video of him crawling, but I have a really adorable one of him showing off another of his new-found talents. Enjoy. (This was taken with my iPhone, hence the weird aspect ratio.)

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  1. He's so cute! Can't wait to see him!