Monday, August 1, 2011

The Night Sleeping Situation

When Johnny was 5 weeks old, I moved him into his own crib because he outgrew the nest he was sleeping in. I didn't want him to get used to sleeping in our bed and start a bad habit.

This time around? Forget it. Hank sleeps in bed with me and John so that I can nurse him whenever he needs it. I nurse him on my side until we both fall asleep. Then he wakes up a few hours later, I roll over, feed him on my other side and fall asleep. Rinse and repeat. Yes, I may be forming a bad habit with him nursing to sleep and needing to be next to me all night, but you know what? I sleep a good seven to eight hours a night (if not more) and actually feel somewhat rested the next day. Plus, Hank is pretty good at sleeping at night and has been for some time; more than I can say for Johnny at the same age!

Cosleeping definitely isn't for everyone, but it's working for us... remind of that when I'm complaining about how Hank won't sleep in his crib a couple of months from now.

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  1. maximum amount of sleep for maximum number of people! oh blissful sleep.