Monday, August 22, 2011

Johnny's "big boy" room

John and I set up Johnny's big boy room at the end of May and I promised pictures... so here they are! Finally!
We managed to get the exact same crib as the one in the nursery on clearance at Babies R Us.
I know this one is dark, but you can see the window with the blackout curtains and the dark blue valence.

This is a ruler growth chart that John made. I saw it on Pinterest and asked John to recreate it, so he did!
Truck wall decal.
The theme of the room was "construction" so I got him bedding (just a crib sheet) with trucks all over it and the wall decals are all construction-related. The green truck with the pile of black dots? Took FOREVER to get on the wall. Worth it, though.

We don't spend a lot of time in Johnny's room because it gets really really hot, but the whole thing is child-proofed nonetheless. That way if Johnny ever climbs out of his crib while we're still sleeping we don't have to worry about him pulling the dresser over on himself. Because John bolted it to the wall. Genius.

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