Saturday, August 6, 2011

Breaking the fast

Johnny is bad at eating breakfast. The problem is that he's on the go the moment he wakes up and the last thing he wants to do is stop and eat. I guess I should be grateful that he'd rather play all day than eat all day, but sometimes I go a little crazy when I KNOW he's hungry and he just won't eat (that's what happened here). Therefore, when I find a food that he looks forward to eating in the morning, or even better asking for in the morning, I know I've struck pay dirt.

This is Johnny's new favorite breakfast:

Mini whole grain whole wheat bagel with vegetable cream cheese spread. I made the spread myself from a recipe in this gem of a book:
My friend Jackie, who works for an organic foods certifying agency, gave us this cookbook along with some other gifts for Johnny and Hank when we saw her a few weeks ago. So far? The recipes have been a hit. There are some really delicious-sounding ones in there like pumpkin polenta, which I think Johnny will like. And some puree recipes that I'm looking forward to making for Hank when he gets there. The author has all kinds of great recipes that have vegetables in them (like the cream cheese spread Johnny is eating) as well as healthy versions of junk food, like baked French fries, which I'll be making this weekend.

I'm really digging this cookbook and so is Johnny... obviously:

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