Thursday, March 31, 2011

Critical Mass

Johnny's hair is... well, blonde and stick-straight. And it has reached critical mass. It doesn't have any cute little curls in it that keep it away from his face. Instead, it grows straight down and into his eyes and so quickly! At only 15 months of age, the kid has already had three haircuts and has needed another one for a good two months.

My kid's hair looks a little like Justin Bieber's. Shameful.
If we let it go too long, it'll affect his hearing...
Now, we have tried to administer this haircut for weeks on end, but he is suddenly terrified of the Flowbee, won't let scissors near his head, and we refuse to spend another $20 on a haircut. Screw that. So today, we were stuck at home without a car since it was getting routine maintenance done and I thought, "Maybe he'll let me cut it if I put him on the chair..." Remember, he doesn't plummet off high surfaces any more. And guess what? It worked!! I mean, he didn't move too much, which would have been great for a professional, but for me... even a sleeping child would have ended up with a butchered haircut. Really, I need some major tips in the hair cutting department. I used clippers as much as he would let me (they tickle him too much) and then had to use scissors for the rest of it. He looks a little ridiculous with long patches of hair in random places on his head, but hey, at least his hair is a little shorter now!
Only some of the hair that came off his head. The rest of it is still hanging in the air because it's so fine.

Not stoked about the new 'do.
Maybe a little emo-looking with the long bangs, but he's still cute, right?

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