Friday, April 1, 2011

Listening skillz

Johnny's listening and comprehension have increased about 20-fold from this time last month. Last month he could follow the occasional command (like "bring the book over here"), which I thought was mind boggling. Whoa! A child that can understand what I'm saying?! Awesome!
Now, he can follow complex directions and I'm pretty sure he understands everything that comes out of my mouth. Today he picked up my sunglasses and I said, "Those are sunglasses and they go over your eyes. Can you put them over your eyes? Open them and put them on like Mommy." Lo and behold, he did it. Having never done it before, he just listened to what I said and then followed my directions. We're working on putting things away and he's developed a desire to put all of his stuffed animals away, but it definitely does not apply to the things he pulls out of the kitchen drawers and leaves on the floor. If I'm adamant about him putting away a spatula, he will pull open the correct drawer, put the spatula in it and then pull something else out. So I guess he's still listening to directions, he's just being a little smart ass.

Normally I put up some kind of video or picture, but this is a little hard to document... okay, actually, we keep the camera downstairs and whenever I think to videotape Johnny following my directions, we are upstairs and I decide it's not worth it. It's a hassle to get my pregnant butt up and down the stairs these days so I just avoid it when possible. [Insert know-it-all reader comment here, like, "Just wait until you have TWO babies! Then see how easy it is to go up and down stairs."]

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