Friday, March 18, 2011

Zoo trip with Daddy

Daddy, Mommy and Johnny ventured to the zoo together for the first time last weekend and we had a blast! There's a little playground that is for kids aged 2 and up, but that didn't stop Johnny from enjoying a little time on the slide.
Things did get a little ugly, though, when Johnny was taking forever to get in position at the top of the slide and an older kid pushed him over... the kid's dad apologized, but hey, Johnny deserved it. You can't be the youngest person on the playground and keep everyone else waiting. We also hit the petting zoo, which really only contains goats, but Johnny enjoyed it anyway.
And then we walked over to the elephant exhibit, which is my favorite. By that point Johnny was over the stroller, so he was hanging out on Daddy's shoulders. Then Daddy got tired of holding him there, so we played in the dinosaur bones before we took off for the day.

Yay for weekends and zoo memberships!!

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