Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rockin' Pajamas

One of the things that happens when you receive gifts of clothing from people is that you look at it and say, "How cute!" and then realize that your kid is about a year too young to fit into said clothing. So you put it in storage somewhere and then find it and think, "I totally forgot about this... I really hope it still fits!"

These pajamas were given to Johnny by his cousin (actually, first cousin once removed) for his first birthday and they were too big for him then. Last week I ran into a problem where all of Johnny's pajamas were in the wash, so I pulled these out of the drawer for "too big" clothing and what do you know? They fit perfectly! And they are uber-cute. Thank goodness I didn't have any clean pajamas for Johnny or I might have missed the window for him to wear these!
Note: Johnny is psyched about his new pjs, too, but he was just starting to get sick when these were taken so he's in a bit of a foul mood.

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