Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

I'm finally recovering from the whole Thanksgiving-Christmas season and I might actually be able to write about it. Frankly, though, I don't remember a lot of the details. The whole thing was kind of a blur and I doubt that will change in the future.

See, there's Halloween, then thirteen days later, my birthday. Then 9 days later, Amy's birthday. Then about four to seven days after that, Thanksgiving. Then about eighteen days later, Johnny's birthday. Then twelve days later, Christmas. And don't forget New Years!!!!! Now, it may seem to the untrained eye that eighteen days is PLENTY of time to get ready for Johnny's birthday. But that's the thing: everything has to be planned out at least six weeks in advance so that everyone can mark their calendars for whatever celebration is going to happen because December is a busy month for everyone. And I'm totally not organized enough to make the whole birthday/holiday/another birthday thing run smoothly.

I digress.

Christmas was actually a pretty good time. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and the boys had a blast playing with their Gma, Uncle Scott, and Aunt Crystal, as they always do.

Amy showing off her "First Christmas" sleeper.

Amy and my Aunt Teri

Then Christmas Day, we spent the  morning lazing around and opening presents as the boys saw fit. See, Johnny isn't big on presents. I mean, he likes to get stuff, but he'll open on present, get excited about whatever it is and play with it for awhile before he can be convinced to open another one. I guess it doesn't have to be like that, I could push it and make him open gift after gift after gift, but he seems to enjoy taking it slower, and I'm down with that.

Hank, on the other hand, LOVES opening presents. He even asks Johnny to open some of his presents, and that actually works out pretty well since Johnny has very little interest in it.

This year, the big present from John and me was a bicycle for each kid. Well, a bicycle for Johnny and a balance bike for Hank.

Other presents were crayons, markers, big coloring books, books, and helmets, of course. I didn't want to go overboard on toys because I knew they were going to get lots of toys from other family members, and they can be pretty easily overwhelmed by stuff. Especially since they had raked in quite the haul not even two weeks prior for Johnny's birthday. (Well, Johnny raked it in, but he lets Hank play with a lot of his stuff.) So, I just got them things that we kind of needed anyway. It worked out well.

I forgot that we went to the park to try out Hank's new tee

Then we spent the afternoon with John's family and had a nice dinner with everyone. The boys had a great time playing with the toys from the Dursos and also playing with their grandparents and aunts. And for me, it was relaxing to let other people entertain my kids, hold my baby, and feed me. :)

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