Thursday, January 2, 2014

Amy's 1 month doctor visit

I know. The last few posts have been all about Amy. Amy, Amy, AMY! It's just that she's had a lot going on and I want to get it down before it's too late to blog about. I guess that doesn't really happen around here considering how awful I am about blogging these days, but whatever. I want to get it down. So here we are.

The 1 month check up was routine and everything is going well with Amy Rose. The doctor knows me by name and seems to have confidence in my parenting abilities (I know, right?), so he just asked a few questions, accepted my answers, and said everything was normal. The only thing I need to do different is give her vitamin D drops. Which I haven't done with any of my children, but maybe I'll do it with this one.

Weight: 11 lb 6 oz - 90th percentile
Height: 22 inches - 80th percentile (<-- hasn't really changed since birth, which is why she still fits in some of the newborn clothes)
Head circumference: 15.5 inches - 99th percentile (gotta have room for that big brain!)

The doctor was impressed with her nursing blister and her weight gain. He joked that I must not be doing anything but nursing since she's gained so much weight. Funny, because he said the same thing Hank at the same age. Turns out I just have melted ice cream for breast milk. :)

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  1. Good job gaining weight Amy! You need to tell Sam how to do that. :)
    My doc told me this time I needed to do Vitamin D drops and I had totally forgotten until I read this. I guess I'm not a very good mother. ;-)