Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amy is 2 months old!

My SIL, Lisa, does a cool photo project of her sons every month in the same place so she has images of them growing up on the same couch from month to month.. I'm not going to claim that I'm going to do that, since I'm a huge flake, but I'd like to try. Because it's cool.
This girl. She's stinking adorable. And has more clothes than Kim Kardashian's kid. Okay, that was an exaggeration. But she definitely has enough clothes to wear multiple outfits a day for a month. I'm not one to let such things go to waste, so every time she spits up on her clothes, or the boys smear their food on her, I change her outfit. Because it's fun.

She's honestly the easiest baby I've had thus far. She sleeps a solid six to seven hours at night and is pretty easy to put back to sleep. She takes all of her naps in a wrap on me, which isn't ideal, but I can't spend more than three minutes putting her down for a nap because I can't leave the boys that long. They're... destructive and can do considerable damage in the small amount of time I'm gone. (And in case you're wondering, yes, I've tried childproofing the house, but what I'm I supposed to do about towel rods or light fixtures? I can't really take them down as they are kind of necessary, but the boys have broken a few in the span of minutes.) However, it's kind of nice that she'll just nap on me because she'll sleep wherever we go and can sleep through really loud noises. Like battery-operated fire engines. And her brothers' screaming.

Now, I know that all of that "easy" stuff will change. I'm not naive enough to think that she's going to be easy forever, however it's obvious that she has a really mellow, easy-going personality. She got five shots at the doctor's office last week and she took them like a champ. I mean, she cried, but then was over it about ten seconds after the last shot was administered. She also is super smiley and will smile at anyone who smiles at her for more than 1.5 seconds. The people at our local bagel shop are in love with her. :) Can you blame them?


  1. Love this picture - she's beautiful!!! Glad to hear that she's been easy so far. I don't care what anyone says...girls are much easier than boys. And guess what, it stays that way! Miss you guys.

  2. very cute! love seeing all her headbands and outfits!