Friday, August 30, 2013

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

It's been pretty hot here. "Pretty hot" as in it's 85 - 90 degrees out with no breeze to speak of and I'm 6.5 months pregnant. Blech. Oh, and there's a little bit of humidity thrown in there to just make sure my sweat never dries.

Thus, we have been making the most out of our pool. The boys and I go in at least once a day and sometimes twice, depending on how hot it is outside. Since we've spent so much time in the water this summer, the boys have gotten really comfortable with the water. Johnny loves to swim around the whole pool with his floaties from Grandma Durso and Hank just likes to splash around and jump to me. Both boys put their faces underwater and both have learned the concept of closing their mouths and holding their breaths. Without any kind of formal instruction. Which is awesome.

And now Johnny does stuff like this:
Which is pretty awesome considering he wouldn't go near the diving board a few weeks ago. 

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