Friday, August 16, 2013

A belly comparison.

I promised that I would take a picture of my belly in the morning and then one at night to prove that it grows/gets tired of its own weight throughout the day. And I know that you've been updating my blog on the daily sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for those comparisons.

Well, update no more! (Just kidding. Please continue to visit.) I finally got around to doing it. Yay!

Left is 9AM and right is 9PM. So, besides the fact that I look dead tired and haggard in the 9PM picture, the belly looks bigger, right? RIGHT?!?! Okay, not really. John says I'm just imagining it. Maybe I am.

Otherwise... I'm feeling good. We had the "big" ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and got some pictures to show you. Later. Because I have to scan them and that means I have to connect my computer to a scanner.

I guess the only other news is that there's a little mystery surrounding my due date. I mean, it's not like due dates are supposed to be solid dates anyway (contrary to how many doctors and politicians feel about them), but mine is definitely a ballpark figure. Normally, the due date is figured off the first day of your most recent period, for me that would be November 18th, as I originally announced. See, but from what I know about my cycle, I think that's about five days too late. I'm guessing the 40 week mark is around November 12th or 13th... probably the 13th since that's my birthday and babies have crappy timing no choice in the matter.

Well, the sonogram measurements concur with my theory that the November 18th date is a little late. In fact, if we were to go by the femur measurement, baby would be here around November 1st! Which means this baby is probably going to be pretty tall. Anyway. The range the ultrasound tech gave me, according to her measurements of the baby in utero, is between November 11th and November 17th. Since I tend to make larger-than-average babies, that has to come into play as well. So maybe he/she will arrive closer to the 11th. We shall see.

This week, baby is the size of a/an: cucumber (mine's probably a fat cucumber)

How far along: 26 weeks 4 days
Exercise: I bought a prenatal exercise DVD and I've done it exactly once. It was pretty easy, but it's an hour long... and at night when I'm faced with choice of sleeping or exercising... I sleep.
Sleep: Hasn't been horrible. Hank has actually slept through the night a few times in a row so I actually feel like I've caught up a bit.
Food cravings/aversions: Peaches. ALL OF YOUR PEACHES ARE BELONG TO ME.
Movement: Sooo much movement. Which is magical. Except at 9:30PM when I'm trying to sleep. This kid is totally going to have days and nights reversed.
What I miss: Walking without pain. I've got some serious pelvic pain this time around, which happened with Hank, too, but not until I was 8 months along. This is two months early! It's not uncommon for pregnant women to feel pain in the pubic bone since my hormones are making all of my ligaments relax, so at least there's that. But the only thing I can do to make it feel better is not stand up or walk or lift heavy objects. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.    Ha.
What I'm loving: Not being in the third trimester yet.
What I'm looking forward to: Talking to my former student, Kelsey, who is training to be a doula, about coming to the birth.
Best moment this week: Johnny saying "When the baby comes, I want to hold the baby!"
To accomplish before baby comes: SO much stuff. So much. 
Thoughts and feelings from Significant Other and Siblings: Well, John was convinced that this baby had to be a girl, but at the ultrasound, the tech took one look at our baby's foot and said, "Whoa! That's a big foot!" So now John is thinking it has to be a boy.


  1. You look fantastic in both pictures!!!

  2. The pelvic pain!! I'm only on number 2 but I have to say, the low pain I'm experiencing now I didn't experience until the very very end with Jack. So...that sucks.